Can anybody give information about ณัฐวัฒน์ ธนาพิพัฒน์กุล or Nuttawat Tanapipatkul or Khun Tum?

Embezzlement of 48,000 Baht and embezzlement of all company documents from Macado Co. Ltd.(มาคาโด) and Recycle Value Co. Ltd. (รีไซเคิล แวลลู) by ณัฐวัฒน์ ธนาพิพัฒน์กุล or Nuttawat Tanapipatkul or Khun Tum.

On 1 March 2016 we transferred 48,000 Baht to Nuttawat on his request and quote. 2 x 14,000 Baht to do the yearly report or both companies and 2 x 10,000 Baht to close both companies.

Since than we managed to transfer the companies to an interested party, so closing is no longer needed, but the yearly report has to be done.

No work has been done on the yearly reports as far as we can see until now.

Since more than 1 month we have not been able to contact Khun Tum, he does not reply to email, phone, line chat, Facebook chat, etc. We have tried via other people, but no reaction.

Khun Tum has been working for my previous employer for 6 years and did the accounting of our companies too. When he left mid 2016 he took our company papers with him.

His email is:

Telephone: 083 701 4242

If you know anything call me at +66 810007885